Since 2005 we have acted as structural designers for the Multibrid M5000 turbine. As a result, OWT has become familiar with tower design issues not only for the foundation structure but also for the overall substructure including the towers. This lead us to be the only tower designer for Multibrid and Areva Multibrid 5MW incl. the Iberdrola Wikinger project in 2013.

In 2019 we were able to acquire a reputed turbine supplier as a new client. Since then we are designing project specific and standard towers in different layouts and for various countries. We are happy to contribute our experience in analytical and numerical design. The final product are a bilingual design report and drawings in the customer’s layout.

Even if a typical tower shell structure appears to be a simple structure at first, it reveals a number of complex interactions in geometry, design and behavior. Ultimately, a tower should be the subject of optimization.


Wind turbine tower mindmap of stakeholders


In this way, we have implemented a high speed iteration with which important aspects can be changed (number of sections, diameter, estimated weight) while we have a reliable design result. This allows us to quickly evaluate different tower structures and find the best candidate for further development.

We are combining analytical and numerical designs, e.g. including parameter studies on special design features, i.e. openings, as well as sophisticated SCF determination on transitions and flange connections. Ask our specialists!