Secondary Steel Design for onshore and offshore structures

Main access platform for metmast, as designed by OWT

Contrary to what the term suggests, secondary steel construction does not play a secondary role. In a project the secondary steel covers all the functional fastenings on the entire structure.. It provides a variety of functions with HSE and performance aspects. The attachments frequently feed back to the global design in different ways.

OWT is used to design these functional attachments meeting employers requirements and evaluating their impact to the dynamic behaviour of the entire structure. We believe we recognize the full significance of “secondary steel” and find workable solutions.

We have designed reliable, heavy duty access systems as well as main access platforms for various projects. A special feature are attachments subject to high accelerations up to 1200g during driving of monopiles.

OWT has been also consulted in several cases for retrofit measures at other projects, e.g. improving grating fixation, change to walk-to-work access systems and it had one common driving aspect – to perform during installation and life time according its specification, requires sufficient resources and planning.